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Random House Caves: So Much for the Clash of Civilizations

Random House’s decision to cave in to fears of Islamic backlash to a book that might offend muslim sensibilities highlights a number of interesting things. The first is that while in America we are supposed to be saying that Islam is just a peaceful religion that has been hijacked by a few extremists, we don’t really believe that, even in the big media conglomerates. Is Random House concerned about offending Hindus, Buddhists or Catholics? Professor Spellberg (the UT Austin historian who recommended squelching the novel) has not done the moderate muslim we are supposed to be helping any favors with her recommendation. She has shown her true colors and advised Random House that muslims are not secure enough in their own beliefs for them to be treated the way artists have treated other religions. There can be no DaVinci Code, no Life of Brian when it comes to Islam–it is too dangerous.

This is a good time to review an article from The American Muslim: Cartoons, Voltaire and the Non-clash of Civilizations. ¬† The author, Sajjad Khan, a leader in the Hizb ut-Tahrir¬†party (a global party supporting a new Caliphate), argues that western reaction to the Mohammed cartoon uproar shows that, in the west, we don’t really care about our core values anymore. Khan makes an interesting argument and Random House and Professor Spellberg have shown that we really haven’t learned anything since 2006 other than to tuck our tails and run. Read Khan’s article and think about what T.R. Fehrenbach wrote back in 1963:

“…some American mothers had given their sons everything in the world, except a belief in themselves, their culture, and their manhood. They had, some of them, sent their sons out into a world with tigers without telling them that there were tigers, and with no moral armament.” -This Kind of War

Apparently, an unwillingness to defend our culture is not a new phenomenon, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous given the willingness of those who hate it to defend theirs.